Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Another Rambling

Again, lots of things to do and lots of things to write. I even pen those things that I want to write, in a note pad taken from hotel(s) and then stash them back into my handbag and forget all about it. Go home, feeling tired than necessary and when there's time to do stuffs, ended up with either watching drama series (hooked Grey's Anatomy S5 at the moment) or trying to finish up one of the Korean drama or playing Sudoku on facebook. Oh well, things should get better in a few days time.. I think...

Let's just list those things to write... I should get around to do it somehow...

1) Those MAS mess in Penang - where you're already on board and get towed back to the hangar - don't know if this is the right term
2) Alif's 5th birthday - ok, this is way way overdue
3) Anis's Spell It Right - over for more than few weeks, maybe more than a month
4) Reunion?
5) H1N1 and the respirator and the haze-- well, I should comment on this, taking from an Industrial Hygienist stand point of view, the one who should know more about respiratory protection from particulates (haze) and other contaminants yang sewaktu dengannya -- its my bread and butter, duh! Break my heart to see and hear the TPM says -- wear surgical mask to protect yourself (from what? the droplets?)
6) Alif's blob about not kissing me when I become a grandma coz its gonna be yucky!
7) Should I write about air pollution that I experience in Penang? Its kind of work related thing, maybe I shouldn't. But those who live or work in that area would know - maybe I should, maybe somebody will pay attention and do something about it
8) The dilemma I'm having - trying to pick the best affordable package for the family trip to Korea in December - should we go for it or not. Muslim package which is more expensive or normal package and then live on maggi mee or vegetables dishes .. hmm, would the pandemic situation prevent us from entering the country? oh wow, big decision here

That should be enough...would I ever get to write even one tiny wee bit about these ? I guess I have to abandon all of the Sudokus and korean drama and Grey's ...or just do everything and further reduce sleeping hours.. hmmm...

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