Thursday, July 16, 2009


I am one of those absent-minded person whose mind wonders around and hard to focus on things at hand. Have to work extra hard to complete a task at hand. Because of this, there are times I got into trouble or almost there.

Yesterday morning for instance, as I walked towards my office door, I realised that I do not have the key to the office. Realising my ambitious wish to wear small handbag but still maintain the contents, I've had the bag which was improperly closed at my feet while driving. It could have spilled some of its items , so, I went back to car park to look for the keys inthe car. Not there. It was imperative that I got into the office the soonest coz I had to leave for KLCC for another meeting and I sooo need to get at least one email out before I leave. And it has to be this day that I did not have the keys that my office mate had to come in late! I went to Security to get spare key but it wasn't available. The only place to sought for spare key was the Facilities - and it has also to be at that time that they're having their tool box meeting and I was a bit shy to disturb their program because of my forgetfulness. Resigned to the fact that I would not be able to get into the office until office mate arrived, I moved to the Surau, very close to office. Hah! There .. hanging at my personal locket were a bunch of keys with Missouri-Rolla keychain. No doubt - those are my keys! Alhamdulillah.... Phew... I must have left that after solat the day before. Too many things to do after solat - fold the telekung, put on mositurizer, socks, scarfs, employee badge, jacket, and keys would be the last one to take, I must have lost count and just left right after put on the employee badge. That's a Rm40 key to duplicate and I definitely do not want to lose it!

That's just one incident - that recently happened. A couple of times, I paid for stuffs and my thoughts quickly moved to my next pursuit, that make me forgot what I was doing at the moment and I left the shopping stuffs at the counter. I was lucky most of the time that somehow I was reminded to turn back or the cashier was fast enough to catch me. But there was a time when I had not been lucky... we went to shop while on travel, coz we were running low on children clothes. I think it was in Kuantan, or Terengganu - must be one of those places. When we got back to the hotel and looked for the clothes, we couldn't find it. I did not want to admit it, but chances are, I might have left it at the counter after paying ... didn't matter whose fault it was, the blame from DH would still be mine ... "lalai!" that was the common phrase thrown at me.

Oh well.... any good improvement tips?

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