Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ahmad and Alif

Ahmad Sirhan and Muhammad Alif Safwan.
The big brother is Ahmad and the younger one is Alif. Ahmad because when young, he can't pronounce "Sirhan" well and as he grows from baby to toddlers, his "activeness" need to be reduced so, we started to call him Ahmad. Because of that, he feels that he owns that name. When Alif comes around, the name "Ahmad" is forbidden to be used because thus why Alif has a Muhammad instead of Ahmad to accompany his name.
They are not the bestest friends but as brothers they can be good to each other... some of the time ..
They declare "war" among each other most of the time, but there are time that they act brotherly towards each other-- especially when playing cars or robots or "lawan-lawan"...
Most of the time they displayed "do not disturb" me attitude mood towards each other....and when boundary crossed, the smaller one will start crying while the big brother will try his best to stop him for fear of reprimand (most of the time, its over use of "energy" from his side that cost the younger ones to cry)

But you can never deny their relationship as brothers when they're asleep.
The synchronization was just too similar to contest .....

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