Saturday, March 2, 2013

Overlock? Edging Machine (Sewing Machine)

Last Tuesday, I had said goodbye to my at least 10 years old Singer Edging Machine (Model 14SH654). Just sold it to a friend to enable an upgrade :) (uuuweee) 

The left picture was where it was sitting on its place at home and then the right picture was  where it was delivered to last Tuesday. I am now in a quest for new edging machine or some brand calls it overlock machine. I had Singer and Janome/Epal in mind. Was thinking of putting Brother in the pool  too but it is not really accessible (at least to me) and I don't know how the service is, so much unknown information, no time to look up,  so I guess I'd better stick with the ones that I am familiar with. These are the 2 models that I have in mind - Janome My Lock 744D and Singer 14N655.

Janome - My Lock 744D vs Singer 14N655

Similarities - Both have 2 needles and 4 threads capabilities. I am listing down here the features that are kind of important to me. The rest of the features are pretty similar, ie. rolled hem, free arm, color coded thread guide, differential feed ... These are features that makes the difference.  
Accessories means having to do more with the machine - Janome has the advantage here. It can also sew and edge zipper.
The part about Singer giving training - yea, they will teach you how to use the machine when they deliver the machine and set it up for you at your house. But that's it. I heard that they may have formal class, but I haven't seen one or any advertised. So, even if they have many features, you may end up not being able to use it for lack of knowledge unless you go and look it up. 
 Janome by Mostwell (Epal brand) comes with classes which we can walk-in, available daily. You can also take up their project lessons for a year with no instructional fee, just buy their materials.  Most important why I want to upgrade - to be able to handle more materials range, especially fragile fabrics like organza, thin fabrics, etc, are fulfilled by both machines. So, in term of basic needs, both machines qualify. Its the extra things that makes me thinking more ... which one should I get?  
Price wise - Janome is more than double the price that Singer is offering.... hmmm...

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