Monday, May 31, 2010

Kids and Asrama

I used to have this need to get away from home and getting into boarding school was a way ...years ago, once upon a time. I didn't get to go one, though I tried. When I was 12, on my own, I went to the Pejabat Pendidikan Daerah (District Office for Education?) to appeal so that I can get into one. My Penilaian Darjah 5 (Standard 5 Assessment) results was not excellent, but good enough, I think. But they wanted my Dad to do it and my Dad won't. He told me that an appeal is not appropriate, you got to get in on your own merit. I worked hard for SRP and gotten excellent results, but still no offer. It was the time when priority was given to rural kids. Anyway, I got into TI Penang which has boarding facilities and after going through such experience decided now, that for my kids, 13 is still too young for boarding school - not if I can help it. Azlin agreed with me, even so since he went to RMC at 13 and experienced the full scope of it.

Anyway, that was our hope. It clashes with what we had decided for our children, though. We wanted them to stay in religious stream, and its what they wanted too but choices are limited. Aina had to stay at full boarding school. Since she wanted to study Al-Quran, there's no other choice. Anis on the other hand, worked hard for her UPSR so that she can stay at home! She saw what big sis missed, and she decided that home is better. She aimed for SAMTAJ at Sect 11 Shah Alam. But with JAIS restructuring the school allocation, she was offered Hisamuddin, Klang. It is still near to our house, but totally out of the way. Transport is an issue. Since the school ends at 2:30pm, neither of us can pick her up on time. We applied for the dorm just in case. And she got the offer. Just when her friend's mom who stayed at Bukit Jelutong offered ride home, she decided to try out the dorm.

Anis - registration day

So, that was that. Initially she was adapting well. Food was good, according to her. But it was really really busy. Said she didn't have much free time. After 1st exam, she started complaining. Didn't have enough time to study, too much activities and then come the food was bad, room was hot, etc. etc.. The caterer keep on serving fish and sometimes the fish was bad. No more her favourite soy sauce - kicap habhal. Other word - she's not happy there. It's May and we had to start looking at options again.

SAMTAJ was the first option - it's about the same distance but at least it is in the same area - Shah Alam, so, looking for transport would be less challenging. Unfortunately, when I visited the HEM Teacher, she can't accept anymore transfer students. The classes there are too full and advised me to try again year end by going straight to JAIS. Whatever. Azlin told me to try using the best student things to get her accepted, sure the school wants to get best student in. But that was different. That was primary school. She hasn't proven much in her current secondary school.
Since, SAMTAJ is out, at least for this year, we started looking for other options. Azlin asked me to pick her up early on Friday she got to spend the weekend at home. Go and ask every single bus or van waiting for students there, if any would be willing to send her back home. Fat chance! Not a good option since the school ends early on Friday and that'll mean I have to miss my Quran lessons.... actually, I don't think I am up to that task. More because of circumstances which I do not want to delve here.

We asked Anis to do her homework also - in looking for potential transport home since she wouldn't want to consider going back with her classmate from Bukit Jelutong. Sending her to school can still be worked out, just a little time sacrifice. Finally, she gotten me the contact of another friend who also stays within our home's vicinity and I had made contact. Alhamdulillah, it looks positive. I'm sure Anis will call me back the next day for reports. She was really looking forward to moving out from her dorm. That means, this coming Friday, I had to do the admins and physical work to move her out officially from her dorm.

I am so looking forward to have my daughter back home again:) For the company and also.. help me out in the kitchen. At least when my helper goes back to her country for her long holiday, there'll be someone who I can depend on to look after the boys.

(ps: Pix above - Anis with her Tokoh Murid trophy which we got to keep for a whole month before returning it back)

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