Friday, April 9, 2010

The Darndest Thing Again

Where do kids learnt all the phrases that they utter? Family? TV? Friends? Teachers? Maybe, and maybe books. My not-reading-yet going-to-be-6 year old son, Alif said this to me just now...

"Mummy, when you're older and your husband die and you're old too and cannot move anymore, can you give all your money to me?"

What triggered this comment?

He was watching transformer toys demo in youtube and loves the toys sooo much and keep on bugging me to watch to so that I'll be convinced that they are good toys and get them for, I said, that needs lots of money which you haven't earned yet...yes, that triggers his comment after much sighing and whining on how good the big transformer toys are, especially Optimus Prime.

Where did he learn this, I ask....and his famously consistent answer was ... "I think it all by myself!"

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