Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Kembali Senyum

Phew...many moons has passed. My head has been itchy with so many topics to write and share but my hands are a bit slow to respond...thus, the long silence. Alas, here I am, back to this blog....

While driving back home today, I had song collections played on the CD player. Alif requested for the song "Kembali Senyum" by Izwan Pilus, adapted from a popular song from korean drama Full House. That's one of his favourite, he said. And he continue to sing along in his own way:) I asked:
"This is a love song... so, who do you love?"
"I just like the song, mummy", he said, avoiding the subject.
Ok, I didn't push for it and sang with him...
Then he said.."Can you keep it down, I'm trying to to listen!"
Wow...this kid! So, I asked, "why, Ummi nyanyi tak sedap ke.."
After a short pause he said..."uhuh..."
I say.....ala, memang nyanyi tak sedap pun , saja memancing, maybe he'll be back to his sweet talking but didn't mean it:)

Well...this is Alif's rendition of Kembali Senyum while on the plane ride to Seoul last year...he hummed the song while having it played on abah's device.

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