Friday, December 4, 2009

Korea ... Again

Ahmad wanted to see and experience snow, and so does Anis and Aina. And now, Alif can't wait to "go to" the snow. Its Korea again this year... with family of course. Just because of the snow thing and snow is better in Korea than China, I heard. USA and other countries are more expensive. But the most influencing factor was that I wanted to give similar experience to the family to what Korea has to offer from my visit there last year and I wanted to see the country again, out of work scope and have more time to explore.
Ok...people start jumping into Winter Sonata thing as soon as I said that we're going to Korea, especially the guys. I guess people has been equating Korea with Winter Sonata. But I love Full House more. It is more lively and fun and faster compared to Winter Sonata. Right, back to Korea .. it's beautiful, clean and the people are nice. I heard they're nicer to foreigner compared to their own people. There was this elderly lady in a convenient shop who went out of the way to help us (my friends and I) to find the nearest subway station, right after I showed her the phrase book that says "Can you show me the way to the subway?" ... we were talking ducks and chicken but she still find a way to communicate with us to the extent of leaving her shop to show us part of the way .. well, we finally understand enough of her signs and rambling to figure out that the subway station is called Songnae and look out for that sign as we walked.

Anyway...count down to Korea starts again... still waiting for the finalized plan...called the agent many times...but still waiting...Dec 8th .. not too long ...

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  1. Does Korea live up to your expectation and the family as well?