Sunday, September 6, 2009

He Did it Again

Alif did it again.. actually a couple of times caught. But this time, mummy couldn't resist taking his pictures while sleeping on a chair in the middle of a game at mummy's personal laptop. Bad mummy... instead of picking him up right away, let him be in that bad ergonomic position for awhile longer to allow her to snap pictures!:-)

Once wasn't good enough... need to turn him so that can get better picture of the facial expression:-)


  1. ya ampun sabrina, terkehel leher budak tu.
    he he he ... i'd do the same, sebelum apa-apa, ambik gambar dulu.

  2. Ya la Madam Cherry... memang tak boleh resist:-)

  3. keep this pix. nanti dah besar pjg dia buleh tengok balik dan satu family leh ketawa..:P