Sunday, February 22, 2009

How Would you React...

We went to MPH yesterday and let the kids bought books to their hearts' contents (well, almost!) since the whole store is on sale.

Before we finalize the sale, either Azlin or myself would give a stamp of approval on books that the kids can buy. It stumped me when I saw a book titled "Panduan Bercinta dan Berdating" on Aina's hand. Felt like laughing out loud in the store when she tried to justify the purchase with statement "I want to to show it to my friends to give them some sense - so that diaorang sedar". Maybe that was just an excuse? She's been off-boys all these years, ever since she started school. Hmm...what's going on?


  1. how would I react (if it were sofea)? hee hee hee. i would probably tease her "ooohhh ada boyfriend ya??" before asking her to justify her purchase.

    how would her father react? i believe he would pengsan. hahaha

    ohmy, you've gone to a TOTALLY different stage in your kids' lives. me, i'm still dealing with bekal tak abis, duit belanja beli benda ngarut-ngarut, homework tak sempat salin and dilly-dally kat dalam toilet. *sigh*

    i tak sempat pegi sale!!!! :(

  2. well, at least she's willing to find out the facts instead of relying on gossip and mills&boons..

    dah besar anak mak!!